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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What is Rocket Launch Productions?

Rocket Launch Productions is a Development and Marketing group offering social and digital media services to actors, singers, other entertainers, and industry professionals to better equip them with the materials they need to be more marketable, present online, and hirable. 
Here at Rocket Launch Productions we understand that being in the performing arts industry is hard enough without having to solidly and consistently put yourself out there to acquire work. We also get that it can be REALLY expensive to execute and maintain all of what is required of you for even a basic audition. Headshots are expensive, printing them costs even more than having them shot, then to get demos done and put them up on a website for online submissions, you are looking at over $1000 depending on how you go about doing it. 
Rocket Launch promises affordable and high quality media ALWAYS. You will NEVER spend crazy amounts of money with RLP but will get the same results that you would have gotten had you spent hundreds.