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Friday, September 30, 2011

WELCOME to the Rocket Launch Family, Becky Saunders!

The newest addition to our lovely list of Rocket Launchers is the incomparable Becky Saunders, proud AEA and SAG member. A Southern California girl now living in Northern California, Ms. Saunders may next be seen performing at the Sacramento Theatre Company's upcoming production of Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks running November 9th to December 18th.  

Saunders has performed for Audiences as far North as Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Four Seasons Hotel; West to Guam's Pacific Star Hotel and East in Atlantic City's International Resorts Hotel.

Becky is a versatile singer who feels as comfortable with Jazz as she does with Rock-n-Roll. Her warm personality and confidant stage presence insures welcoming audiences and return engagement.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rocket Launch FAVORITE: Stephen Foster and "Awakening The Actor Within."

Rocket Launch Productions favorite Stephen Foster just released his first publication for the struggling, confused, and/or lost actor. We sure know what that's like, and he sure has our endorsement for this 12 week workbook full of guidance and self examination. Check this publication out on the link below and take the 12 week challenge of rediscovering yourself, your career, and your goals.

"Awakening The Actor Within" is a 12-week workbook aimed at helping actors recover and discover their highest goals and ambitions. It resulted from over 15 years of acting, writing and teaching. It focuses on the subject of healing from acting "blocks" and getting the courage to act again after being discouraged or disappointed. It aims to free an actors creativity and build a healthy foundation. A spiritual workbook that initiates creative expansion and growth for actors. Teaches a simple, friendly, non-critical approach called “Acting Practice”. Teaches actors to form healthy acting habits and rebuild confidence. Guides actors through a series of weekly exercises that empowers them with practical tools to overcome their "blocks" (fear, anger, self-loathing, jealousy, sabotage, and money).


Monday, September 26, 2011

Rocket Launch Client: Kyle Pressley

MORE bragging rights for Rocket Launch goes to the famously talented baritone of all baritone Kyle Pressley for booking Fred at LaComedia Dinner Theatre in their Holiday production of A Christmas Carol. Don't forget the sweet potato souffle!

Rocket Launch Client: Alexandra Paddock

Periodically RLP will blog/brag about our clients and what they are up to. I would firstly like to CONGRATULATE the very beautiful and talented Alexandra Paddock for booking the national tour of The Wizard of Oz. Check tour dates to catch her on the road.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Check Out Our ASS!

For the months of September and October ONLY Rocket Launch Productions is encouraging you to Check Out Our ASS; Our Audition Season Special that is. Normally RLP charges $150 to build a full on website for you as an entity, however for the high casting season, we are taking 50% off of that cost to get you up and running online to expand your chances of booking gigs.

With this purchase, as with any purchase with Rocket Launch, you will also get a 120+ casting director database to utilize for mailings and networking purposes, and a 30 day FREE membership to Our website design package includes the registering of your domain, building, editing, and uploading anything and everything you want on your site. We also run a full promo campaign for you upon completion of your page on our page, our Facebook, and other social media sites to generate some start up traffic for you.

For more information email Rocket Launch Productions and get started with your digital audition home base today!

RLP Feature: Vocal Backing Tracks from Stanley Allyn Owen...

The Audition world is evolving very clearly these days. Many regional houses are unable to spare the money in their budgets to come to NYC twice or even once a year to audition new talent for their productions. Wanting to still be able to bill 'New York City actors' in their productions, they are turning to the beast that is the internet for casting options. Having a website with media on it comparable to a live audition is very necessary.  Part of being castable online is having a digital audition available. This includes headshots, resumes, bios, production photos, and video and audio demos.
Rocket Launch Productions can help you assemble all of these things, but our pride and joy is our most talented and unparalleled backing track orchestrator Stanley Allyn Owen.  Stanley lets you you pick ANY song of ANY genre in ANY key in its totality or 32-64 bar cut and he will create a custom track for your personal use whenever and however you want to use it at the industries highest quality. Those listening will wonder if you actually hired a Broadway Orchestra to play on your demos.

To hear a sample of SAO's work, just visit and click on the TRACKS tab for a very impressive listen. 

RLP Feature:

A first for the music industry, this site connects singers and producers. Singers register, set up a profile, list their singing styles, upload a photo, a bio, vocal demos and more.  Our vast assortment of producer members search the national database for specific talent. Without even knowing a singer’s name, any talent matching their needs comes up on a list. From there the producer can see, read about and hear the artist; they can even contact them directly—right from the singer’s page!

Be where the singers are - get marketing and promotional exposure to our vast number of producers across the country who are looking to hire vocal talent today! 

Exclusively through Rocket Launch Productions with ANY purchase of ANY service, regardless of the cost or size, you will receive a FREE 30 day membership to This membership includes the posting of 1 photo, a bio, a 1 minute vocal demo, and a detailed list of your specific vocal classification i.e. soprano, belter, classical, etc. This profile will remain active on for 30 days. Any work that you acquire from this posting will be strict 100% profit for you. SE nor RLP ask for any kind of percentage or kick back from your success.

Services that RLP offers...

Services as offered by Rocket Launch Productions in their totality and full description. Any questions, please write us at

Ala Carte -

This database consists of over 100 theatres, casting directors, and production companies and their appropriate information to submit a formal mailing of your audition materials to.

Cover Letter - $15
Resume - $20
Bio (full) - $20
Bio (program) - $15
ALL - $40
TWO - $25

A full One Hour Shoot encompassing as many looks as you can complete in the allotted time. The final product includes a touched up Primary Image for print and promo as well as a full CD of the entire shoot for your personal use: $150

Orchestrated by the unparalleled Stanley Allyn Owen, you can pick ANY song of ANY genre in ANY key in its totality or 32-64 bar cut and he will create a custom track for your personal use whenever and however you want to use it.

Cut - Partial Orchestration – 32 to 64 bars of the clients’ choices of any one song with a more simple orchestration format. $95

Full - Partial Orchestration – the full length of the song in a partial orchestration format. $125

Cut - Full Orchestration – 32 to 64 bars of the clients choice in any key with full Broadway Quality orchestration. $145

Full - Full Orchestration – the entirety of any song in any key with full Broadway/Concert quality orchestration. $175

AUDIO DEMO: (studio, engineer, mixing, editing, copies - charge is per-hour not per-song so feel free to get out as many songs as possible in that time period).
One hour: $150

VIDEO DEMO: (film space, filming, editing, uploading, copy. Charge is per-hour NOT per-song)
One hour: $175

****FOR SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER - check out our ASS!!!!!!
Rocket Launch is running an Audition Season Special of 50% off website services.

WEBSITE: (building, editing, uploading, plus free promo on our website and Facebook – flat rate; no additional charges. Monthy/yearly fees on maintenance and domain via server are clients responsibility) - $150

SOCIAL MEDIA  – (includes setting up an account, creating the look, generating traffic, handling uploads on all social media sites plus a tutorial on how to maintain and generate traffic)
Full Social Media package - $125
Facebook page, twitter, youtube, linkedin, reverbnation, singerexpress, wordpress, googleplus, theatrealliance.
Partial Socail Media package - $75
Facebook page, twitter, youtube, linkedin, singerexpress, wordpress.
Basic Social Media package - $40
            Facebook page, twitter, youtube, singerexpress.

*** All contracted packages are terminated once all services are rendered. Services limited to a time period may be expanded upon per negotiations discussed.
Packages may be tailored to your specific needs, if not met, as needed. Additional services outside of the agreed upon contract will be charged 'ala-carte' on a separate 'rider agreement' which additional costs will incur; i.e. music video, iTunes/Ping account, etc.


Tier 5 - $200
Mailing Package Membership

Tier 4 - $325
Audio or Video Demo
Mailing Package Membership

Tier 3 - $450
Demo Audio
Demo Video
Mailing Package Membership

Tier 2 - $600
Demo Audio
One Full Cut Vocal Track
Demo Video
Social Media (full)
Mailing Package Membership

Tier 1 - $725
Demo Audio
2 Full Cut Vocal Track OR 1 Full Full Vocal Track
Demo Video
Social Media (full)
Mailing Package Membership

What is Rocket Launch Productions?

Rocket Launch Productions is a Development and Marketing group offering social and digital media services to actors, singers, other entertainers, and industry professionals to better equip them with the materials they need to be more marketable, present online, and hirable. 
Here at Rocket Launch Productions we understand that being in the performing arts industry is hard enough without having to solidly and consistently put yourself out there to acquire work. We also get that it can be REALLY expensive to execute and maintain all of what is required of you for even a basic audition. Headshots are expensive, printing them costs even more than having them shot, then to get demos done and put them up on a website for online submissions, you are looking at over $1000 depending on how you go about doing it. 
Rocket Launch promises affordable and high quality media ALWAYS. You will NEVER spend crazy amounts of money with RLP but will get the same results that you would have gotten had you spent hundreds.