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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Check Out Our ASS!

For the months of September and October ONLY Rocket Launch Productions is encouraging you to Check Out Our ASS; Our Audition Season Special that is. Normally RLP charges $150 to build a full on website for you as an entity, however for the high casting season, we are taking 50% off of that cost to get you up and running online to expand your chances of booking gigs.

With this purchase, as with any purchase with Rocket Launch, you will also get a 120+ casting director database to utilize for mailings and networking purposes, and a 30 day FREE membership to Our website design package includes the registering of your domain, building, editing, and uploading anything and everything you want on your site. We also run a full promo campaign for you upon completion of your page on our page, our Facebook, and other social media sites to generate some start up traffic for you.

For more information email Rocket Launch Productions and get started with your digital audition home base today!

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