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Sunday, September 25, 2011

RLP Feature:

A first for the music industry, this site connects singers and producers. Singers register, set up a profile, list their singing styles, upload a photo, a bio, vocal demos and more.  Our vast assortment of producer members search the national database for specific talent. Without even knowing a singer’s name, any talent matching their needs comes up on a list. From there the producer can see, read about and hear the artist; they can even contact them directly—right from the singer’s page!

Be where the singers are - get marketing and promotional exposure to our vast number of producers across the country who are looking to hire vocal talent today! 

Exclusively through Rocket Launch Productions with ANY purchase of ANY service, regardless of the cost or size, you will receive a FREE 30 day membership to This membership includes the posting of 1 photo, a bio, a 1 minute vocal demo, and a detailed list of your specific vocal classification i.e. soprano, belter, classical, etc. This profile will remain active on for 30 days. Any work that you acquire from this posting will be strict 100% profit for you. SE nor RLP ask for any kind of percentage or kick back from your success.

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