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Sunday, September 25, 2011

RLP Feature: Vocal Backing Tracks from Stanley Allyn Owen...

The Audition world is evolving very clearly these days. Many regional houses are unable to spare the money in their budgets to come to NYC twice or even once a year to audition new talent for their productions. Wanting to still be able to bill 'New York City actors' in their productions, they are turning to the beast that is the internet for casting options. Having a website with media on it comparable to a live audition is very necessary.  Part of being castable online is having a digital audition available. This includes headshots, resumes, bios, production photos, and video and audio demos.
Rocket Launch Productions can help you assemble all of these things, but our pride and joy is our most talented and unparalleled backing track orchestrator Stanley Allyn Owen.  Stanley lets you you pick ANY song of ANY genre in ANY key in its totality or 32-64 bar cut and he will create a custom track for your personal use whenever and however you want to use it at the industries highest quality. Those listening will wonder if you actually hired a Broadway Orchestra to play on your demos.

To hear a sample of SAO's work, just visit and click on the TRACKS tab for a very impressive listen. 

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