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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rocket Launch FAVORITE: Stephen Foster and "Awakening The Actor Within."

Rocket Launch Productions favorite Stephen Foster just released his first publication for the struggling, confused, and/or lost actor. We sure know what that's like, and he sure has our endorsement for this 12 week workbook full of guidance and self examination. Check this publication out on the link below and take the 12 week challenge of rediscovering yourself, your career, and your goals.

"Awakening The Actor Within" is a 12-week workbook aimed at helping actors recover and discover their highest goals and ambitions. It resulted from over 15 years of acting, writing and teaching. It focuses on the subject of healing from acting "blocks" and getting the courage to act again after being discouraged or disappointed. It aims to free an actors creativity and build a healthy foundation. A spiritual workbook that initiates creative expansion and growth for actors. Teaches a simple, friendly, non-critical approach called “Acting Practice”. Teaches actors to form healthy acting habits and rebuild confidence. Guides actors through a series of weekly exercises that empowers them with practical tools to overcome their "blocks" (fear, anger, self-loathing, jealousy, sabotage, and money).


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