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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

THE REJECTION DISCOUNT! Starting November 1st....

Audition season is over! Did you book a gig? AWW! That’s too bad. Perhaps you could have been considered for more jobs if you had the materials to be seriously considered for an audition submission!
No website with your digital audition on it? No vocal or video demos? WHY? These are all things that casting directors across the country are now turning to to book their seasons without the extra expenditure of traveling to NYC or LA. 
Even if you HAVE auditioned for the company live or in the past, they may want a refresher/reminder of who you are and what you do, so having a ‘dot com’ with additional or similar materials available online is exactly what you want to direct them to.

SO take advantage of the 'off-season-i-didn't-book-a-gig-and-that-sucks' REJECTION DISCOUNT. $50 off ALL website design, $20 off ALL video and audio demo recordings. Get your proverbial gun loaded for NEXT audition season and BE PREPARED.

Rocket Launch Productions offers all services to give YOU as a business the boost you need to get seen, and get hired!

Embrace technology…. And better luck next time!

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